Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Keyword Research in 2 easy steps

2 Important Steps to take before you begin the Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the backbone of internet marketing which decides the performance of your website or blog. So, I'm sharing here the best way to research the keyword. The image below describes how easy it is to do the keyword research:

 How to do the Keyword Research?

The best way to do the Keyword Research
Keyword Research in 2 steps

Make some buckets of the possible topics you want to write about. These topics must be chosen wisely. Now think about each topic and fill in each topic buckets with different related keywords. While filling in the topic buckets with keywords, do not forget to make sure that you put a mix of short and long tail keywords in each bucket.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Use Hashtag on facebook

# hashtag on facebook

This article is intended for those facebook users who are still not sure of the use of hashtag on facebook. Since the day facebook has introduced this brand new feature for its users, people around the world (including you) are searching for the in depth information about use of hashtags in facebook status.
use hashtag
Use of hashtag on facebook

Those facebook users, who also appear on other social sites, may have understood its use. But a good number of young users are who do not use twitter or other sites are still in confusion. However, at the end of this post you’ll be completely understand its use and many other features.

Hashtag: A short introduction

When we put the symbol ‘#’ before a word or phrase, it becomes a hashtag.
For example: #DemocracyIsAlive , #Uttarakhand disaster #relief work has been interrupted by #rain.

Read more about it here.

How to use hashtag on facebook?

Whenever you post your next status update on facebook, use the symbol ‘#’ before the word or phrase you want to highlight. Once you use the symbol, the word will automatically turn light blue and a url will be created for the same. If somebody clicks on that word or phrase anywhere on the earth, your status update will appear in the search result.

Friday, 28 June 2013

How to delete facebook chat messages history

How to delete facebook chat messages history permanently

Deleting facebook chat history is as simple as taking a sip of coffee. Follow the following steps and you will delete chat history in facebook so easily.
Delete facebook chat messages history
Delete facebook chat messages history

How to delete chat history on facebook

1. Log in to facebook using your login details.

2. Expand chat box by clicking on the facebook chat button.

3. Then click on the name of the facebook friend whose chat you want to delete.

4. Click on the ‘gear’ icon in the facebook chat box and select ‘clear window’ option to delete chat history.

5. But if you want to delete facebook chat history permanently, select ‘see full conversation’ from the ‘gear’ menu, facebook messages will be opened.

6. Click on ‘Actions’ button above the facebook messages. Select ‘delete messages’ or ‘delete conversation’ from the drop down menu.

That’s all you had to do…!!!!
You have deleted facebook chat history permanently….

Thursday, 30 May 2013

How to make money with your professional website design

Make Money with your professional website design

professional web design
Web design
The goal of your professional website design is to make money, but you must be careful not to annoy your visitors. You must gain their trust and present yourself as a reputable person in your niche, an authority, a person they will trust to solve their problems. In this fast growing website design industry, several web design firms are available to design your new website for your local business. There are various ways on “How to make money with your professional website design”. This article identifies and describes some money-making professional website design ideas.

Offer interesting information for potential clients

With your website design you can create some designs just for show, because potential clients will want to see what you can do. Organize your designs on your website; offer some interesting information that will make it easy for potential clients to contact you via email, phone, fax, etc. You could do web designing in your spare time to get extra money or create a serious small business for yourself.

AdSense: This is a free program that you join through Google. Once approved you will have the ability to place a small bit of HTML code on your blogs. This code generates small ads that are relevant to your blog's content. Every time a visitor clicks on one of these ads, you are paid a certain amount per click.

Getting Paid To Write: If you lack any technical skills, there is always writing. Consider joining squidoo, hubpages or a similar service and get paid to write. Be sure to read the guidelines as the payment plans of each program as they may differ.

Affiliate marketing: One of the fastest ways to make money today is to become an affiliate marketer. The affiliate programs give you everything you need to make money including the products and your own website to promote on.

Sell Design Templates: Provide blog templates for platforms that you have experience with to develop a niche market for your website design services. There are dozens of blog platforms online, with Blogger, WordPress, Typead and Live Journal being some of the most popular blogging tools. Providing a wide variety of layouts will make it easier to get repeat customers when selling blog templates on your website.

Thank you if you had the patience to read this little guide, and more importantly, I hope you got something out of it.

This is a guest post by Ambreen Sadiq who is a professional commenter or blog poster.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Earn Money From Facebook | Earn Money

Can we earn money from facebook?

Yes, we can!! If you are an addict of facebook, there's a good news for you. Read this post and you'll stop asking 'can we earn money from facebook' and start believing that there is a way to earn money from facebook.

Can we earn money from facebook?
Can we earn money from facebook?

Yes, it is possible to earn money on facebook. Many of you desire to earn money online but don't know the way to do that. So, in this post I'm going to tell you how to earn money from facebook.

Facebbok can really help you earn some extra cash with the help of Adfly.
Many of us use links to give the detailed information on our facebook profile. The link we post there is sometimes very long and look dirty. Adfly makes that link short and look beautiful.

How can you make money from facebook? How does it work?

Shortened URLs are a great way to link to other websites, they look something like and they are a 'shortcut' for a real website address. When somebody visits a shortened link through, they will see a full page advert on their screen for 5 seconds. Then afterwards a SKIP button will appear in the top right-hand corner of the browser and when the user clicks this button, they are automatically redirected to the real destination website. The best part about using the service is that you get paid for each visitor that views an advert AND the user still gets to the real destination.

To create your own links, just login to with the details and enter any destination website in the large white box - then hit the Shrink! Button. Your shortened URL will now be displayed for you to copy-n-paste anywhere you like. You could replace links on your blog with links to generate more money or use them on Twitter where space is tight. There are many possibilities to earn money with links, just by placing them where you would usually put normal links!

How much will I earn?

We share the money generated through advertising with you 50/50. The actual amount you will receive per visitor varies depending on the location of the person and what advertisers are currently on the system. You can view the current publisher payout rates here. There is a minimum payout of $5.00 and we pay via PayPal or AlertPay once per month. If you do not reach $5.00 in any month, you balance is carried over to the next pay period.

Can I earn commission for referring my friends/website visitors?

You will earn 20% commission of your referral's earnings for life. This is a great way to boost your earnings - especially as is relatively new and not many people have heard about it - so get in quick and build up your referrals!

Click here and start making money on facebook now...

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Monday, 4 February 2013

An error occurred while trying to publish or save your post

Why does blogger show error when I try to publish or save my post?

This article is especially for those blog spot bloggers who face the problem of getting error while trying to save or publish a post.

“An error occurred while trying to save or publish your post. Please try again. Ignore warning”

If you are also encountering the same problem, first try one of the most prescribed processes of solving problems in blogger- clear cache, cookies, and active logins, and restart the browser.

How to clear cache, cookies, and active logins?

If you don’t know how to clear cache, cookies, and active logins, download the free and latest version of Ccleaner and install it.
Once you've installed Ccleaner, open it and click on run cleaner. But remember that you must close all the open browsers before running Ccleaner.

An alternate to this process would be to try a different browser- if this helps fix your problem, your computer, Internet Service and blogger are the primary cause of the problem.


1. Your Internet Connection Might be Slow:
Before posting a post check your internet speed, when you’re posting you need minimum 50kb of speed. And when there is low speed or disconnecting again and again, your post cannot be saved.

2. You Might Have Written A Very Long Article:
It is a good idea to post small or medium size articles, but if you can’t shorten your article, you must keep in mind that a blog post must not exceed the limit of 1000 words per post/article.

3. You Might Have Used Many Headings, Subheadings or Minor Headings:
This may also cause the problem as there should be only one heading, subheading and minor heading in a post/article.

4. You Might Have Used Many Words or Phrases in Bold or Italics:
When we use some words or phrases in bold or italics, it makes the search engine robots to recognize the theme of the post/article. So avoid using it repeatedly.

In my opinion that I’ve gained from my personal experience, if you mind all four above points carefully, you are not going to see the same error message again.

Many people come up with many solutions and be helpful for others. If you have found the solution to the problem or if you think there’s some other solution for the same, please be kind enough to let us know in comment.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

On Page SEO in 5 Minutes

As you already know that blogging is all about getting traffic and converting that traffic into money. The traffic you get from search engines is called organic traffic.

On Page SEO in 5 Minutes
 After writing so many great posts/articles you might be worried about the traffic your blog gets from various search engines. And if you are not getting the amount of traffic you deserve, you must learn some on-page seo tricks. SEO on page will look after the amount of visitors to your blog. So if you want some more traffic from search engines, you must do some on page seo optimization before publishing your post. You can read about the best seo tool in my in my previous post here.

Before you publish your next post you should perform the following tasks to increase the ranking of your blog in the search results of search engines which is a great carrier carrier of organic traffic (If you want to know more about organic traffic read this):


FIRST: Completely Plan Your Post
# Suppose you are going to write about "Democracy is Alive", you will need to perform the following things:
1. Chose your keywords carefully.
2. Choose a title that contains the main keywords.
3. And the most important thing, you must choose a related keyword about your niche which should be "democracy" in my case.

SECOND: Write Title and Description
# Before you write any article for your blog next time, write a keyword rich title and a keyword rich description for each and every article/blog post for seo on page.

THIRD: Mind Your Keyword Density
# First you must make sure that your main keywords do not exceed 3% in the whole article.
# And then you must provide a parent keyword to your main keyword.

Remember: Making sure that your main keywords do not exceed 3% will surely increase your traffic. But how will you decide whether your article exceeds the limit or not? The best way to avoid the measurement process that does not affect the seo of your article is to use your main keyword in the first paragraph of your article and then three times in the middle and another time at the end.

FOURTH: Don't Forget to Highlight Keywords

# Highlighting your keywords makes it easy for the search engines to identify that your article is based on those similar keywords. So make your keywords bold or italics.

FIFTH: Interlink With Other Post in The same Catagory
# Interlinking is also an important aspect of on page seo. Whenever you publish a new article, you must link back the new article with your other articles with related keywords.

SIXTH: Serve Some External Links
# Before you publish/post your article provide at least one external link and use a nofollow tag because if you use the nofollow link search engines will ignore that link.

SEVENTH: Write Description For Images

# If you are using blogger then your blogger platform does not provide this option. It means that you won't be able to provide or add description to your images. But it is very important for every little traffic counts. So just write 'alt=DESCRIPTION' in the image tag and you are ready to publish your post after doing all the necessary things for seo on page.

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